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Refurbished and Used Optical Drive | Optical Drive Price List

Optical Drives may be an outdated technology, but some people still prefer using them to access old data and applications. As the technology is outdated, it is evident that the spare is not so freely available in the market. Hence, finding a used optical drive in a refurbished market is easier compared to an open market. 

Why Buy Used Optical Drive?

As optical drives are not found in some of the new laptops, it is evident that people end up using an old drive to access relevant information from time to time. Most people still prefer using optical drives on both laptops and desktops from time to time. If the optical drive is not functioning, the only way to find the perfect optical drive is in the refurbished market.

What is a Refurbished Optical Drive?

Most of the users still have CDs and disks that have had enormous amounts of data for a long time. It is important to have a set of optical drives that can access data from CDs or disks in an easy way. If a consumer is unable to find a suitable optical drive for the laptop, it is easy to find the same in the refurbished market. 

Why Xfurbish?

Xfurbish is a quality refurbished Enterprise IT products marketplace present in India, UAE, USA, Nigeria, and so on. The marketplace helps in connecting hundreds of sellers from different parts of the world to display their products and reach buyers in a quick span of time. Xfurbish sells various Laptop spares such as LCD trim Bezels, Motherboards, Daughterboards, Wireless Cards, and so on.

Benefits of Buying Used Optical Drive in Nigeria from Xfurbish

  • Unmatchable prices

  • Wide range of products

  • 100% Genuine products

  • Quality support

  • Core processors

Brand: Dell Model: 09M9FK

Dell 8x SATA DVD Drive Module 9M9FK 09M9FK

Dell Inspiron Latitude Inspiron XPS precision 8x SATA DVD Drive Module 9M9FK 09M9FK..
Ex Tax: 22,256
Brand: Dell Model: 06X28D

Dell Latitude E65740 Dvd-Rw Drive SATA 6X28D 06X28D

Dell Latitude E65740 Dvd-Rw Drive SATA 6X28D..
Ex Tax: 33,806
Brand: Dell Model: 0YYCRW

New Dell Optiplex 7450 7440 AIO 8x SATA DVD RW Drive 0YYCRW YYCRW

New Dell Optiplex 7450 7440 AIO 8x SATA DVD RW Drive 0YYCRW YYCRW..
Ex Tax: 20,854
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